In disasters

  • Give 10 pigs a nourishing meal
    With this gift, you can provide emergency feed for 10 hungry pigs for a week
  • Shelter vulnerable animals from the extreme cold
    Help build emergency shelters for animals in distress in Mongolia. Your gift can help save 175 sheep, goats, cattle and horses during the harsh winter months.
  • Feed 10 companion animals
    Your gift could provide life-saving, emergency feed to help 10 companion animals like dogs and cats for one week during a disaster. 
  • Feed Animals in Times of Distress
    Help animals survive a disasters by providing one-week of life-saving feed for 5 cattle or pigs when disaster strikes.
  • Go where the need is greatest
    When animal safety and welfare are at stake, we pour our hearts and resources into helping. 
  • Treat a herd to health
    Provide 100 animals essential medicine after disaster strikes—like a volcanic eruption in Argentina. 
  • Give 27 animals shelter
    When a disaster strikes, World Animal Protection is there and your gift could provide emergency shelter and safety for 27 animals in distress.
  • Helping animals in disasters
    Give the gift of swift response! You could help us deliver a first-aid kit bandages, antibiotics and other critical supplies in times of disaster.
  • $1,875
    Your gift lets vets strap on backpacks filled with critical medical supplies, giving them the flexibility to traverse challenging terrain. 
    Group giving is a fun and unique way to give a gift. When you create a group gift, you bring your family, friends, or colleagues together to buy it together. Choose your date, the reason for the gift - birthday, work anniversary, or holiday gift for example - and who the gift is for. Or maybe you want to ask your family and friends to give YOU a gift for a special occasion. Once you decide, your next step is to ask people to help fund it.

Gifts that go well together

Pick a pair of gifts that go great together—and double the holiday cheer for someone special! Better yet, these carefully matched selections make your impact go even further to end animal suffering and advance humane change.