Gifts $30 - $50

  • Feed a hungry bear
    How do you help a healing bear? Food is high on the agenda! Keep a rescued bear in Romania in vital vittles.
  • Banish cruelty from the seas
    Give the gift of "Sea Change," and you help us stop whales, seals, turtles and birds from being harmed by discarded fishing gear.
  • Feed 10 companion animals
    Your gift could provide life-saving, emergency feed to help 10 companion animals like dogs and cats for one week during a disaster. 
  • Shelter vulnerable animals from the extreme cold
    Help build emergency shelters for animals in distress in Mongolia. Your gift can help save 175 sheep, goats, cattle and horses during the harsh winter months.
  • $38
    Choose this gift, and you help us give hens healthier lives. Help us open the latches—be a hero for hens!
  • Feed Animals in Times of Distress
    Help animals survive a disasters by providing one-week of life-saving feed for 5 cattle or pigs when disaster strikes.
  • Go where the need is greatest
    When animal safety and welfare are at stake, we pour our hearts and resources into helping. 
  • Save 50 innocent dogs
    In Communities
    Give rabies vaccines to 50 dogs, and you protect them from the practice of killing dogs to prevent the disease from spreading. Vaccinated dogs get a collar or another highly visible sign to show that they are protected from rabies.
  • Protect a community from rabies
    In Communities
    When you can't be there to help a suffering dog and want to protect a community from rabies, do the next best thing: train an outreach officer on mass vaccination and dog handling.